New “don’t drive tired” campaign launched in Scotland

The Scottish Government and Road Safety Scotland have launched a new anti-fatigue campaign.

It says driver fatigue causes hundreds of road accidents each year, and that these accidents are roughly 50% more likely to result in death or serious injury.

The campaign explains that when drivers fall asleep, the police find no signs of braking, or any avoiding actions, so they tend to result in higher-speed collisions.

“We all know we shouldn’t drive when we’re too tired, but sometimes weather, logistics, lack of alternatives or time constraints mean we do anyway,” the campaign says. “However, driving while fatigued or sleepy leads to significant impairment of our driving performance, increases reaction times and reduces attention, compromising decision-making and our ability to control the vehicle. It’s incredibly risky.

“Drink a coffee. Have a rest. And survive.”

The campaign is supported by this video:

(Picture – Road Safety Scotland)

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