New ways of working needed to fill one million potholes

Local authorities must explore new approaches and ways of working if the proposed multi-year funding towards repairing potholes is to have the desired impact, according to road safety specialists, WJ Group.

The news comes after reports that the Labour party has pledged to repair one million potholes if elected next month. 

The proposed £320 million in funding would be deferred away from the new A27 bypass in the south of England. With 317 local authorities in the UK, this allows for just over £1m in additional budget for highways maintenance teams to tackle potholes in their community.

According to the RAC, there are currently over one million potholes in the UK. Damage caused to vehicles by potholes costs an average of £250 to repair as well as representing a significant safety hazard, particularly to vulnerable road users such as cyclists and motorcyclists. As a result, filling in potholes is a priority for both national and local government to keep the general public safe.

Wayne Johnston, CEO and Founder at WJ, said: “With potholes being such a widespread issue across the country, an additional £1 million of funding is quickly going to be depleted to make the necessary repairs. To ensure that a pothole doesn’t return six months after being repaired, quality materials and processes are required to ensure a long-term solution that maximises the use of this additional funding.”

There are multiple methods that local authorities can explore such as using material that cures rapidly for a faster installation that is designed to cover larger areas to prevent future deterioration and provide a more aesthetically pleasing finish. Perfect for high traffic roads where closure can cause disruption to the public, this method helps keep roads smooth and pothole free no matter the size. A quick yet effective solution such as this can seamlessly fit into a local authorities’ maintenance schedule to fill in potholes as soon as they arise.

Wayne added: “Whoever wins the general election next month, the additional budget for highways maintenance teams will always be welcomed by the industry. By including these ways of working, this funding can be utilised and remove potholes from our roads and help create a better experience for road users.”



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