NIMS: Safer Irish roads with Connected Vehicles milestone

Ireland’s NIMS (Network Intelligence and Management System) initiative is launching a C-ITS pilot project to increase traffic safety.

Since January 2024, C-ITS is fully integrated into the operational Traffic Management solution NIMS providing information to roadusers in real time. As part of this project, 1,500 members of the public will participate in the pilot, offering them a unique opportunity to experience C-ITS (Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems) of Kapsch TrafficCom first hand. C-ITS allows the exchange of data between vehicles, infrastructure and authorities.

Spanning the M50 and M1 motorways in Dublin, the deployment aims to convey crucial notifications regarding collisions, congestion, roadworks, and adverse weather conditions directly to drivers through in-vehicle screens. This initiative not only showcases the potential of technological integration in improving road safety but also plays a crucial role in evaluating the effectiveness of C-ITS in real-world settings.

“Our mission is clear: to revolutionize Ireland's motorway network through the integration of C-ITS technology,” explains Carolin Treichl, EVP EMENA at Kapsch TrafficCom. She continues: “This program facilitates real-time communication between vehicles, roadside infrastructure, and traffic control centers, enabling the instantaneous transmission of vital safety information to motorists.”

This initiative, supported by Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) and the Irish Government, represents a significant step forward in enhancing road safety and efficiency through advanced communication


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