Nota AI® agrees first UK collaboration

The South Korean traffic solutions company Nota AI has agreed a collaboration with decarbonisation-focussed engineering company City Science to develop Beyond Smart Junctions, an innovative next-generation intelligent transportation system project funded by Innovate UK’s UK-South Korea Bilateral Competition.

This is City Science’s first ever international collaboration.

The companies say as cities seek to decarbonise and reduce reliance on cars, managing transport networks in a sustainable, integrated way is a major challenge, and this project will develop new technology to provide coordinated real-time management of all transport modes at junctions, including cycling, walking and buses.

They say by combining Nota AI’s computer vision-based traffic monitoring with City Science’s advanced multi-modal traffic modelling, the system will give transport authorities unprecedented visibility into traffic flows across all modes of transport. It will enable data-driven management of junctions to optimise outcomes like carbon emissions reductions and improved air quality.

In a statement they say: “Beyond Smart Junctions represents a disruptive innovation, moving far beyond today’s vehicle-focused ITS platforms. The flexible, cloud-based system will provide actionable insights, scenario analysis and automated signal control to help cities achieve sustainability policy goals cost-effectively.

“This international collaboration unites Nota AI’s award-winning AI expertise with City Science’s real-world transport network experience. The project will accelerate R&D and commercialisation in the UK and South Korea’s ITS sectors. We look forward to developing this game-changing technology over the next 2 years.”

Bethany, R&D Programme Manager at City Science Corporation, added on the significance of the Beyond Smart Junctions project: “Winning support from Innovate UK for Beyond Smart Junctions is a major achievement for City Science. This will be our first international collaborative R&D project, made possible by UK-South Korea funding. We’re excited to be working with pioneering company Nota AI to develop this innovative solution for sustainable transport network management.

“Innovate UK’s backing validates the importance and potential of Beyond Smart Junctions. Their funding will fuel our R&D, enabling us to catalyse our growth journey, accelerating internationalisation and investments in sustainable tech. We thank Innovate UK for empowering our mission to create data-driven technologies that help decarbonise transport and build smarter, people-centric cities.”

(Picture – Nota AI)


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