Nota AI hails “unique” collaboration with City Science

The South Korean traffic solutions company Nota AI says its research collaboration with UK-based decarbonisation-focussed consultancy City Science is going to allow the industry to more accurately understand the context of traffic flow and provide meaningful information.

The two companies are working together to develop “Beyond Smart Junctions”, a next-generation ITS project funded by Innovate UK’s UK-South Korea Bilateral Competition.  This will develop new technology to provide coordinated real-time management of all transport modes at junctions, including cycling, walking and buses.

“Nota AI’s expertise in individual object-level information analysis capabilities for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, combined with City Science’s capabilities in macroscopic traffic information and integrated information system construction is a unique combination,” commented Seongjin Lee, ITS Researcher of Nota AI.  

“Both Nota AI and City Science possess expertise in signal control internally, allowing collaboration to contribute not only to integrated information systems but also to signal control algorithms for improving the transportation environment, including carbon emission reduction.”

As part of the Beyond Smart Junctions project, Nota AI aims to include non-motorised transport as a key analysis indicator, combining with City Science’s expertise in public transport modelling.

Nota AI says the project will benefit from the two companies’ different capabilities and has the potential for international business expansion.

(Picture – Nota AI)


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