Nota AI™ identified as a company with a “Passion to Win” at global event

The South Korean traffic solutions company Nota AI (Nota Inc) has been identified as a “company with a passion to win” at Continental X Born2Global Startup Open Innovation in Pangyo, South Korea.

The event, co-hosted by Continental Korea and Global Digital Innovation Network, brings together start-ups and small and medium enterprises from around the world, making it one of the most significant ITS-related start-up exhibitions in Far East Asia, introducing investors and buyers to potential partners and acquisitions.

At the event, Nota AI detailed the AI Safe Crossing solution, which focuses on protecting and enhancing the safety of transportation users. Utilising advanced short-term trajectory prediction, the safety system accurately anticipates potential accidents up to three seconds in advance. Nota AI explains that this predictive capability enables proactive hazard awareness through a diverse range of notification methods. Drivers and Vulnerable Road Users receive timely alerts via conventional alarms, including LED lights and speakers, as well as through targeted messages delivered via V2X communication directly to their vehicles. By leveraging V2X communication, the system effectively promotes safe driving behaviour in approaching autonomous vehicles, thereby encompassing seamless transitions across different levels of autonomy.

The Company’s booth demonstration and solution presentation at the event were recognized for conveying a forward-looking message. Nota AI demonstrated how incident data could be effectively employed at intersections using traffic lights, Variable Message Signs (VMS), and V2X in-vehicle messaging.

Nota AI is planning to expand the solution to have an environmental function too, on top of its analysis of an accident risk at the intersection. The judges said this shows its willingness to contribute to Co-operative-ITS using V2X communication for analysis information.

Back in May, Nota AI won the Best Start-up Presentation Award at the ITS European Congress for the AI Safe Crossing solution to better manage the safety of Vulnerable Road Users. At the time the company said this proved the industry is taking seriously the use of the latest technology to better manage road safety.

(Picture – Nota AI)


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