Nota AI™ completes AI parking Proof of Concept in Milton Keynes

Nota AI™ (Nota Incorporated), the South Korean IT start-up, has announced the successful implementation of their newest addition to the Nota ITS solution – smart parking – after completing a trial for their Artificial Intelligence-based parking management system in Milton Keynes.

The Proof of Concept used the company’s existing AI Camera technology to analyse parking occupancy status and trends, and identify illegally-parked vehicles using standard CCTV images.

The project was part of a Connected Places Catapult-supported UK Testbed Initiative building on what the city council calls its “world-leading smart city reputation” and analysed the car parks surrounding the Milton Keynes Dons football ground, Stadium:MK.

Nota AI says the trial proves the smart parking solution can monitor a huge volume of outside parking areas.  Analysis takes place using edge boards on the CCTV device, rather than in a centralised data centre connected to existing infrastructure, which means computations are done in real time.  It uses a vision analysis technique to collect traffic data from CCTV similar to existing, passive sensors, but this solution is easier to install and more cost-effective for maintenance.

“The Proof of Concept enabled us to show that our AI solution can contribute to resolving this pain point of Milton Keynes – the difficulty of managing large outdoor parking lots around stadiums,” explained Seri An, General Manager of Nota AI GmbH.  “Now that we have successfully completed this Proof of Concept, we can develop business activities to expand potential customers, including, of course, Milton Keynes.”

The Company is actively planning overseas business development by contacting local governments in Europe that have similar pain points to Milton Keynes.

Nota AI’s video-based solutions also provide intersection control, traffic monitoring and pedestrian safety capabilities.  To find out more, click here.

(Picture – Nota AI)


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