Nottingham City Transport promotes the economic benefits of catching the bus

The council has said that the bus is one of the most sustainable travel options. However, it is not only an environmentally friendly travel option, but also boasts fantastic economic benefits.

According to NCT, the list of the benefits the bus industry brings to the economy:

  • *Pre-COVID, bus passengers boosted the economy by £64 billion each year.
  • *As the primary mode of transport into city centres, buses are vital to the economy and city centre expenditure. The University of Leeds found that 1.4 billion shopping trips per year contributes £21 billion to the economy, nearly one third of all city centre expenditure.
  • For those on lower incomes and seeking employment, the bus is a crucial link to employment opportunities as more than threequarters of job seekers do not have access to a car. In *Nottinghamshire, 20.9% of people have no access to a car or van, which is 4.9% lower than the national average.
  • *Buses are also more affordable than a private car; the average cost of filling up a family car is >£100. This is especially important in the current climate with increasing fuel costs, making the bus a good economic choice.
  • *The bus industry is also a major employer with local bus operators in England employing around 100,000 full-time staff.

In Nottingham, bus passengers can enjoy free parking at our Racecourse and Queens Drive park and ride sites, with affordable bus tickets that can get the whole family into the city centre for a competitive price

Travelling on the bus is easy, with contactless payments available on Nottingham City Transport, trentbarton, CT4N and Linkbus – the ticket machines will automatically work out the best price for you and your travel

Those who travel regularly can benefit from numerous smartcards offered by all operators, including the Robin Hood card which also allows for travel on the tram. The new Robin Hood Flexible Days travel card is also perfect for those adopting the new hybrid model of working

Most Nottingham buses offer passengers FREE Wifi and USB charging to keep you connected whilst on the move

Catching the tram also offers similar economic benefits to our local economy. Did you know? The Beeston corridor is one of the busiest in Nottingham, offering connections to the city centre, key employment areas and strong potential for employment growth. The Toton Lane line, along with multiple bus routes, serves key employers, regional health facilities at Queens Medical Centre and research associated with the University of Nottingham, according to the council.


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