NOW Wireless produces guidance document to help local authorities with traffic signal efficiency

Highways and transport technology company NOW Wireless has produced a guidance document for local authorities looking to improve the efficiency of their traffic signals as part of the Intelligent Traffic Management Fund (ITMF).

The guidance details how different solutions have been deployed with local authorities over the last few years to help make traffic signals more efficient or support other challenges such as improving air quality and saving council’s thousands of pounds on communications costs.

Paul Hudson, Project & Sales Manager at NOW Wireless said: “We have produced guidance for local authorities on how to improve efficiency of traffic signals based on our many years of experience of helping councils do just that!

“We have always believed the efficiency of traffic signals is a key part of effective and efficient cities and towns. We have spent more than a decade researching this and coming up with solutions to help.”

Using traffic lights, CCTV sites and 5G systems, for example, allows rapid clusters of vital information to enable you to manage traffic flow and other challenges more effectively.

NOW Wireless’ Mesh 5G provides high bandwidth communications to on-street devices using the 5Ghz spectrum with advanced TDMA protocols. This technology can cover all the needs of a smart city in a building block approach where every component fits together and works with a unified cloud.

This system was developed in 2003 and has since been deployed in over 42 towns and cities across the United Kingdom.

Last week, The Transport Technology Forum issued advice for local authorities bidding for a share of the £20 million Intelligent Traffic Management Fund (ITMF), in the lead-up to the General Election.

It said that Authorities bidding for ITMF are advised that the July deadline for applications will now not apply. A revised deadline will be confirmed in due course once the new government is in place.

Authorities are encouraged to continue to use the guidance we have issued through the Transport Technology Forum to develop their proposals during this time.

If you would like a copy of the guidance or receive a technical brochure on NOW’s traffic signal solutions, contact: [email protected]



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