Number plate “scam” risks green initiative

It’s emerged that some suppliers of car number plates are being sold the new green version without having to prove the car they’re for is actually eligible to carry them.

The Telegraph says that this means people could attach them to petrol or diesel cars but then could be eligible for cheaper parking or to drive in clean air zones without paying.

The new plates introduced in December are designed to raise awareness and help owners benefit from perks such as special lanes and free parking, with the hope that by clearly marking out electric cars will help drive up demand.

However, the Telegraph reports that the AA has identified major suppliers offering the plates for sale without motorists having to produce their car’s V5C documents to show they are the registered owner of the vehicle.

Jack Cousens, head of roads policy at the AA, told the paper, “It is extremely worrying that number plate companies are willing to provide illegal plates… if petrol and diesel drivers are able to easily access green plates with no checks, then we could have a wild west situation on our hands.”

A DVLA spokesman is quoted saying, “It is illegal for motorists to incorrectly display a number plate and those breaking the law could be fined up to £1000.”

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