PACTS asks ITS (UK) for approvals feedback

The UK’s enforcement technology industry is being urged to give feedback on aspects of legislation and approvals that it feels could be improved.

At a meeting of the ITS (UK) Enforcement Forum, David Davies, Executive Director of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety suggested that there may be shortcomings in the Home Office Type Approval process.  “While it ensures high standards and evidence that will stand up in court, we are increasingly concerned that the system is just not delivering,” he said.  “Opportunities to exploit new technologies which do deliver significant safety benefits are being missed and even existing systems are at risk. We are not the experts on this – we need information from people who are directly involved, about what’s going on, problems arising or solutions – so please let us know.”

The Forum meeting, sponsored by PACTS, also discussed the National ANPR Service and ensuring data quality, and received a positive update about Highways England’s 60mph Roadworks Trial.

Delegates also discussed where more technology could be used in the enforcement industry, and whether machine learning could be used to identify serial offenders who break the speed limit and target them over people who have been caught out once just breaking the limit.  There was also a suggestion that artificial intelligence technology used to understand driver behaviour in autonomous vehicle development could be used to spot drunk or drugged drivers on the road, with camera or radar technology identifying dangerous driving patterns.

“Our Enforcement Meetings always deliver something that helps our industry move forward,” commented Forum Chair Geoff Collins, the Deputy Managing Director of ANPR solutions provider Jenoptik.  “The invitation for us to give feedback on improving the rigorous Home Office Type Approval process is welcome – I think the whole industry supports the concepts but thinks aspects could be done better and now we can give our views without anyone thinking we’re simply complaining.”

“Once again, when someone in a key position in authority needs feedback, they come to ITS (UK) to gather it,” added Secretary General Jennie Martin.  “Everybody knows that a combined voice is far more powerful than several individual ones, and ITS (UK) is that combined voice.  I look forward to working with our Forum members to give constructive feedback to PACTS as requested.”

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