Panasonic develops connected vehicle security feature

The electrical products manufacturer Panasonic has developed a security system for carmakers to prevent cyberattacks.

The website Japan Today reports that the new system will see software installed in internet-connected cars to detect abnormalities which dedicated teams at Panasonic and the carmakers themselves will monitor the cars around the clock.

“If the computerised control is taken over during driving, it leads to fatal accidents. Practically, abnormalities need to be detected at a much earlier phase,” a company official is quoted as saying, adding that the company’s system is capable of doing just that.

The report adds that teams are expected to cooperate in collecting information and revamping the car system. The installed software can be updated remotely when needed to prevent an attack from outside. The surveillance centre will be able to manage cars both in Japan and abroad in a unified manner.

In October, Panasonic demonstrated an example of a cyberattack and how it is detected at a mock-up surveillance centre set up in Tokyo. Once a demo car in Osaka was hit by an experimental remote attack, the car’s driving wheel quickly turned 180 degrees and a warning beep blared out in Tokyo.

(Picture – Yay Images)


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