Police confirm they’re getting “inescapable” speed cameras

Police forces in the UK including Warwickshire and Northumbria have taken delivery of “next generation” speed cameras which can spot infringements from half a mile away, and take HD photos and videos admissible in court.

This is Money reports the TruCam II features a night mode and auto focus which makes it far easier to spot and fine drivers breaking the limit.

It adds that all details captured can be uploaded to a database with penalty charge notices automatically posted to the keeper’s address, meaning drivers don’t need to be stopped.

The second generation version of the cameras has an auto adjust feature for focus, iris and shutter speed meaning “crystal clear images”.

American manufacturer LTI says it can also be used to catch tailgating, distracted driving and even motorists who fail to wear a seat belt.

The company has posted a video about the product.

(Picture – LTI website)


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