Re-flow Field Management Review by Safer Roadworks

Re-flow Field Management Review by Safer Roadworks – YouTube


  • Safer Roadworks is a group of companies based in North Yorkshire, providing professional expertise to a range of different industries.
  • Their services include traffic management, civil engineering, groundworks, utilities and specialist fleet hire.
  • With three companies under their umbrella, the group has rapidly grown since their establishment in 2021, a success owed to their stellar services, reputation and expertise.


The traffic management wing of Safer Roadworks, like many businesses in the industry, was operating on a mixture of paper, manual systems and siloed mobile apps. Having secured their ISO 14001 certification, the business wanted to continue their journey into furthering sustainability, reducing waste and improving compliance by moving away from paperwork entirely.

The aim was to consolidate all the processes being carried out through paper forms, legacy spreadsheet software and third-party messaging apps, such as WhatsApp. With a centralised solution, teams could improve visibility, and the business could easily keep clients and stakeholders in the loop.

Having negative experiences with digital solutions in the past, the team had found themselves saddled with a piece of software and no support – left to their own devices once the sale was made. Moving forward, they needed full confidence in the quality of any new software they adopted, including the reliability of the team behind it.



Re-flow is a comprehensive end-to-end field management solution that brings together all aspects of field management into a single, cloud-based platform. Connecting remote sites to the office through a constant information stream between the desktop dashboard and mobile app, Re-flow provides powerful tools for all process, from job creation to billing and invoicing.

This also includes crucial functions such as team communication, as well as form creation and completion. Two-way dashboard to app communication enables a constant stream of information, while digital form completion empowers operatives to keep works safer, more compliant and more efficient. This means that companies can easily track and collate KPIs, enabling them to meet their ISO 14001 commitments with ease.

The ability to harvest and collate real-time data also means all teams, whether on-site or in the office, have better visibility of job progress, tasks, asset statuses and more through their respective devices. This visibility goes beyond just the company, as harvested data can be collated into exportable, branded PDF reports. This enables an unparalleled level of transparency with clients and stakeholders, taking just minutes to create and share.

Re-flow’s comprehensive suite of features is further bolstered by a highly acclaimed team of software specialists. From demo to trial, onboarding and beyond, the team at Re-flow is on hand for their clients every step of the way. With an online support portal, dedicated in-house phone line and the ability to schedule on-site support sessions, companies can rest assured that they won’t be left out to dry.


Having adopted Re-flow, the system has become a crucial part of how Safer Roadworks carry out their day-to-day works. From first thing in the morning, teams use the app to complete vehicles checks and carry out the necessary processes to prepare for the rest of their day. With a fully end-to-end system, the team no longer needs to rely on paperwork and WhatsApp messaging to keep works on track.

Operatives on-sight gain greater visibility of works through instant communication and a centralised knowledge base that keeps everyone up to date.

The app has enabled the team to greatly improve communication between site and office, with new functionalities that have enabled the team to easily schedule and conduct toolbox talks, tracking operative qualifications and compliance along the way. Access to the system’s knowledge base also means that everyone on-site is operating on current, up-to-date information – from photos to drawings and PDF manuals – it’s all in one place.

With streamlined process, improved efficiencies and instant data, Safer Roadworks is also able to be more transparent with their clients at every step. With access to annotated, time-stamped photos, method statements and form data, clients have been singing the praises of both the business and the system.

Nick Moore, Senior Support Technician at Re-flow travelled to Safer Roadworks’ office to conduct a full day of support and training.

On top of these benefits, the team at Safer Roadworks gain confidence knowing that dedicated support is only a phone call away. Re-flow’s software specialists have been helping them every step of the way to get the most out of the software. Recently, the team even organised an on-site visit with Re-flow’s software specialist, Nick, for a full day of support and training.

Safer Roadworks now joins a community of hundreds of businesses nationwide that have embraced digital transformation and ensured sustainable growth for years to come. All of this, and more, can be achieved with Re-flow’s award-winning field management software for traffic management.


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