Remotely implementing a traffic management system on another continent on this week’s Highways Voices

As traffic monitoring and data analytics company Valerann announces it has deployed its Lanternn by Valerann product on the Costa Arauco motorway in Chile, this week’s Highways Voices podcast finds out how they did it.

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Co-founder Michael Vardi says this “revolutionises” the mobility sector and reduces deployment costs for advanced traffic management systems.

“This is a super exciting moment for us because, to the best of our knowledge, we have done the first completely remote deployment of a full ATMS [Advanced Traffic Management System] system,” he says.  “We have deployed cloud-based ATMS that integrates all their systems to one place, and done it completely remotely within only a few weeks from contract sign to full deployment.

“Now, that is in contrast to the previous kind of processes whereby an ATMS would take months, if not over a year, to deploy with many engineers on the ground, [and] on premise to make things happen. Now, the reason this is so important is because what such remote semi-automated deployments allow us to do is to make active traffic management available to many more roads make the advantages of it is available to many more roads. Because now you can deploy everywhere. Deployment and servicing becomes cheaper.  System deployments becomes more effective and more efficient.”

He also explains the company’s eventual plan is that the whole implementation of ATMS can be automated when, “an operator can go online, say these are my camera APIs, these are the data sources I want, these are my roads, click and immediately get a full ATMS system available to them.”

Find out all about it, plus some of the latest news on the Highways News website, plus the latest from Highways Voices partners LCRIG, TTF, ADEPT and ITS (UK).


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