Scottish drivers warned of fines for driving to close to cyclists

A new campaign’s been launched to remind drivers that they could get points on their licence and a fine if they overtake cyclists too closely.

Cycling Scotland has launched a campaign after a survey suggested two thirds of drivers don’t know that close passing – being less than 1.5m from a bike – carries a penalty.

They say the campaign is “more important than ever” because of the big increase in cycling in the country since Coronavirus hit.

Police Scotland Head of Road Policing, Chief Superintendent Louise Blakelock, said, “As we work towards the Scottish Government’s casualty reduction targets, road safety for all road users remains a priority for Police Scotland, and we are fully supporting Cycling Scotland with their campaign.

“Since the coronavirus lockdown, we have seen an increase in the number of people using our roads for cycling. Now more than ever, we urge motorists to give cyclists, and other vulnerable road users, especially children, plenty of space. There is room for everyone and we encourage all road users to show consideration and respect for the safety of each other. We all have a duty to make our roads a safer place.”


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