“So much for protecting the NHS” – charity CEO blasts speeding drivers

The head of road safety charity Roadpeace has criticised “selfish idiot” drivers who have ignored speed limits on quiet roads during latest travel restrictions.

One driver was caught doing 134 in a 40 in London, another 74 in a 30 in Gloucestershire with dozens of people have been clocked at well over 100 on motorways and dual carriageways.

“The roads might be quieter, but that doesn’t mean it’s safer to speed,” explained Nick Simmons who provides information and support services to people bereaved or seriously injured in road crashes.  “Excess speed means more danger for people coming out of side roads, just around a corner or cycling or walking.  And at the moment all the restrictions we’re dealing with are designed to make sure the NHS isn’t overwhelmed.  Well so much for protecting the NHS if you’re speeding.  A road crash victim can be in hospital for months – putting a completely unnecessary strain on it.  It’s safe to say people speeding at the moment have no excuse, they’re just selfish idiots.”

Simmons added that it is never safe to speed and that the consequences have so many horrible consequences for family and friends as well as the NHS.


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