Speed cameras switched off in Scotland

Four locations in the West of Scotland will be “made dormant” after a review of speed and red light enforcement in the area.

The review found that driver behaviour has improved at the locations, and once it is determined that the site no longer meets the required criteria the site is made dormant.

The camera housing and signage remains in place but without enforcement taking place. A bag is placed over the camera housing to show that it is not enforcing.  A site may remain dormant for a period of three years, after which a decision must be taken on whether it will be abandoned or re-activated.

The four locations which have been identified for dormancy are;

  • A8 Ballater Street, Glasgow
  • A749 Dalmarnock Road, Glasgow
  • A814 Victoria Park Drive, Glasgow
  • A719 Whitletts Road, Ayr

If after, or during, the three years speeds are shown to increase then the bag will be removed and the cameras will recommence enforcement. If speed surveys show that drivers are travelling within the speed limits then the camera will be removed from the ground along with all signage.

Alan Bowater, Safety Camera Unit Manager for the West said: “Each of our cameras need to be deployed where they have the greatest potential to reduce injury collisions and deaths on Scotland’s roads. Recent surveys have identified these locations as suitable for dormancy. At each of these sites drivers have modified their behaviour, which can be seen in the reduction of offence numbers for dangerous driving behaviour such as speeding and red light jumping. Within the dormancy period speed and red light offences will continue to be monitored and if we see an increase or return to these dangerous behaviours enforcement will recommence.”

Safety Cameras Scotland stresses its main aim is to reduce the number of casualties on Scotland’s roads caused by speeding and red-light jumping and that each of its camera locations have a history of injury collisions prior to the camera being installed.

(Picture – Safety Cameras Scotland)


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