SRL and SVS sign radar deal at JCT Traffic Signals Symposium

SRL Traffic Systems has signed a purchase order for a “significant number” of UMRR11 radar supplied by Smart Video and Sensing.

The deal was done during the JCT Traffic Signals Symposium in Nottingham.

SVS says it has worked collaboratively with SRL to design a detection solution for the URBAN64 system using the smartmicro UMRR11 radar which allows SRL to easily adapt the detection zones and lanes for temporary MOVA deployment as roadworks progress and zones change.

The solution allows for radar configuration to be changed remotely and visually verified.  The companies say this was achieved with the addition of a camera built into the SVS “Novus” Control Unit.  Communications are achieved via a 4G modem.

James Smart, Communications Manager for URBAN64 and SVS Technical Manager at SVS Ricahrd Quick worked together on the test site at the A46 near Coventry to fine tune the solution.  SRL says it has confirmed its support for this by placing a “significant order” with SVS for future detection.

“We’ve been trialling our UMRR11 radar and a Novus OEM attachment to it with SRL on their URBAN64 product,” SVS owner Peter Eccleson told Highways News. “This gives them much better detection on their temporary traffic signals on their Urban 64 system. This has been trialled on a fairly major scheme in Coventry, where they are building a flyover on the A46. SRL have been very, very involved in the temporary traffic signals market in and around that particular intersection, so it’s been an ongoing project that we’ve done with them, and we’ve been modifying the product to suit their requirements.”

“I think the main benefit to us really is the range of the ability of the sensor to do all the clever stuff that it does,” explained SRL’s Group Product and Compliance Manager Kevin Gilday. “Certainly when we need to get detection on the major urban sector for intersections out to the 400m mark for various applications, previously, we had to put out extra poles.  The SVS detector can give us that range from the primary pole, so it just makes life easier and simplifies implementation and installation.

(Video and images – Highways News)


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