Stagecoach East invites customers to have their say on local bus services

Stagecoach East is surveying the views of its customers on four key routes, as it aims to best fit its services to customers’ travel needs.

Customer opinions are being asked on the Babraham Park & Ride in Cambridge, the Citi 4 between Cambourne and Cambridge, Citi 8 between Cottenham and Cambridge and 8A between Orchard Park and Cambridge, and the 905 between Bedford and Cambridge via St Neots.

They are being asked about potential changes to the services and timetables, their general satisfaction levels and opinions on how their services could be improved.

Darren Roe, Managing Director of Stagecoach East, said: “Our customers are the real focus of our organisation, so it is hugely valuable for us to get feedback on what we are doing and how we are working to improve things.

“We would never say that everything is perfect. In the busy, congested towns and cities we work in, there will always be challenges to overcome and improvements to be made, but all of our colleagues wake up every morning with the purpose of making our service better for our customers.”

The survey comes as Stagecoach East announced improving reliability figures. Each week it monitors the amount of miles its buses travelled compared to the amount they are scheduled to do. Last week, across its full range in Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire, it completed over 99.5% of its scheduled miles.



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