Survey suggests two thirds of people think smart motorways less safe

A survey by the polling company YouGov suggests the vast majority of drivers think all lane running motorways are less safe than motorways with a hard shoulder.

44% of those asked said they ware “much less safe” and another 20% “a little less safe” with only 7% thinking they are much more or a little more safe.

Older people tend to have responded more critically, 82% of over-65s responding that they are less safe than conventional motorways, with just 3% thinking they are safer.

Only 6% said they strongly support them.

The survey follows much negative press about smart motorways following comments from a coroner in South Yorkshire and the county’s Police and Crime Commissioner who both questioned the safety of motorways without a hard shoulder.

Highways England has pointed out that evidence suggests that in most ways smart motorways are as safe as, or safer than, conventional ones, and has promised to work hard on safety concerns.

(Graphic – YouGov)


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