Swarm Data: The end of the traffic jam?

Connected devices are fast becoming more entwined with our lives and habits. Our phones were first, with appliances following. Now, it’s the turn of the car, says Wired magazine,

Audi has its own vision for a Connected Car – a smart vehicle designed to bridge the gap between the driver and the connected world. Part of Audi’s vision for the future, the concept has seen €3 billion in investment for new manufacturing and future technology, as well as the purchase of Nokia HERE – a navigation platform that supports static HD maps in 200 countries and inch-accurate 3D models of transport networks.

Audi’s next step is to deliver real-time traffic information via “swarm” data, with relevant points verified and evaluated in the cloud. Providing warnings against weather, breakdowns, accidents and congestion, receiving updates this way would offer an element of personalisation making the driver more connected than ever.

The Q2, A3, A4 and Q7 ranges are already taking in-car connectivity even further. An embedded SIM card means the cars can get online as soon as they are handed over to the customer, without the need for a separate data connection. In turn, the internet brings new intelligence to a host of Audi driver-assistance systems.

(Picture – Dreamstime)


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