RingGo owner hit by data hack

The owner of the parking app RingGo, Easypark, has announced it has been the victim of a data breach, but that non-sensitive customer data was affected. It says it discovered the hack on 10 December and took “swift measures” to stop the attack, made sure operations continued as usual, notified the authorities and involved external […]

Toyota admits two million connected cars were open to external access for ten years

Carmaker Toyota has admitted that data of more than two million users of its internet-connected car services in Japan had been left accessible for nearly a decade. The website NHK World reports the Japanese company says the data included vehicle location and car identification numbers of users of T-Connect and other connected car services. It […]

Issues raised at the Transport Technology Forum conference discussed on Highways Voices

We get the views of six different experts and users of transport technology in today’s Highways Voices, as we chat to people at the Transport Technology Forum Annual Conference in Leeds. Subscribe to Highways Voices free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts or Pocket Casts and never miss an episode! One of the ITS industry’s leading experts Andy Graham is […]

Microsoft joins Charter of Trust for greater cybersecurity collaboration

Microsoft has joined the Charter of Trust (CoT) cybersecurity initiative, with plans to contribute its cybersecurity expertise in developing and promoting awareness of robust security principles for a secure digital world. Siemens and eight partners from the industrial sector founded this initiative in 2018 to drive advances in cybersecurity across industries and at a global […]

Telent sets up cyber security company

Infrastructure technology company Telent has created a new business, Cyro Cyber, to address the dynamic and expanding cyber security requirements of its core markets across critical national infrastructure, telco service providers and other highly regulated sectors.   It says the new company brings together multiple cyber security capabilities from different teams across Telent into a dedicated […]

Warning over hackers targetting EV charging networks

There’s a warning that Electric Vehicle charging networks could be the next target of ransomware hackers who aim to paralyse entire networks. The website NoCamels reports gangs of cyber-criminals are always looking for opportunities to exploit new technology and EV charging stations, like any device with an internet or mobile connection, are vulnerable. They have […]

Port of London Authority hit by cyberattack

The Port of London Authority is reported to have been the victim cyberattack, thought to have been carried out by the Iranian Altahrea Team hacking gang. Techmonitor.ai reports part of the PLA’s online infrastructure was knocked offline by the distributed denial of service attack last night. The site is up and running again at time […]

UK-backed research points towards unhackable comms

Researchers in Scotland and Germany have held the first quantum-secure conversation to take place between four parties, pointing towards unhackable future communications. The demonstration was led by researchers from the Quantum Communications Hub at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh with colleagues in Germany. The results are published in Science Advances. With the rise in connected vehicles […]


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