Warning over hackers targetting EV charging networks

There’s a warning that Electric Vehicle charging networks could be the next target of ransomware hackers who aim to paralyse entire networks.

The website NoCamels reports gangs of cyber-criminals are always looking for opportunities to exploit new technology and EV charging stations, like any device with an internet or mobile connection, are vulnerable.

They have already been successful with a number of relatively low-level attacks. In the days after Ukraine was invaded a collective of hackers disabled EV charging stations on the 450-mile highway between Moscow and St Petersburg. They posted “Glory to Ukraine” and “Death to the Enemy” on their screens.

The report also cites an incident in November last year where a vulnerability in the app of UK domestic car charging provider revealed the full names, addresses, and charge history of thousands of consumers. It says more than 140,000 users were put at risk, potentially allowing hackers to identify their common charging locations.

And it says in July of that year, researchers found security flaws that allowed them to remotely switch the chargers on and off, remove the owner’s access, and lock or unlock the charging cable. They also said hackers would be able to steal the vehicle owner’s identity, stop the owner from charging their vehicle, then charge their own vehicle for free.

The report notes these cases highlight the risks to individual drivers, but the bigger danger is a full-scale ransomware attack, in which a large, public network of charging stations is disabled, and operators face demands for millions of dollars to have it restored.

(Picture – Yay Images)


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