King: Use VED to create national pothole fund

The AA’s Edmund King believes Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) should be used to create a national protected fund that can be used to pay for future road improvements, such as the repair of potholes. “You need all the money to be ring fenced so it is spent on maintenance,” he said. “If you had a […]

Call for better customer education to speed up EV transition

A panel of electric vehicle experts have explained how, by simply better educating drivers, people’s appetite for EVs will increase. “The key is helping to take people with us,” AA President Edmund King told the Transport+Energy Forum in Birmingham. “Members are not hostile to EVs, but they are hesitant, so it’s the role of the […]

AA President tells how high-tech hackers got to steal his wife’s car

The president of the AA has told how he keeps his keyless car fob inside a metal box in his microwave oven, after hackers stole his wife’s Lexus. Edmund King told the Telegraph the lengths he has gone to to prevent thieves intercepting the key’s signal and stealing his car by placing it in a […]

AA warns Highway Code changes could lead to more rear-end crashes

There’s a warning changes to the Highway Code mean drivers will now have to stop for pedestrians waiting to cross at junctions, with the AA warning that means motorists would be at risk of being rear-ended. The new rules, which came into force over the weekend, mean drivers will have more responsibility to look out […]

AA calls for more roadworks during Lockdown 2

The President of the AA says reduced traffic during the latest Government restrictions due to its response to the Coronvirus crisis means road works could happen safely without causing congestion. Edmund King has told the BBC councils have a “unique opportunity” to fix potholes, road junctions and roadside drainage. He’s suggested local authorities should ask […]


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