AA warns Highway Code changes could lead to more rear-end crashes

There’s a warning changes to the Highway Code mean drivers will now have to stop for pedestrians waiting to cross at junctions, with the AA warning that means motorists would be at risk of being rear-ended.

The new rules, which came into force over the weekend, mean drivers will have more responsibility to look out for vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists.

However, the Telegraph reports that both motoring and cycling organisations are warning that many drivers are still unaware of the “fundamental” changes to the rules of the road.

The new guidance will overhaul the rules at junctions with cars now expected to give way to pedestrians at crossings or waiting to cross at junctions.

It says AA president Edmund King expressed concern at the potential impact of the guidance to give way to pedestrians at junctions.

He suggested that drivers are “likely to get hit by another vehicle from behind” if they stop on dual carriageways or fast-flowing A roads to let someone cross.

“Drivers will have to make their own judgments on what they should do in the scenarios they find themselves in,” it quotes Mr King as saying. “However, if the judgments of the driver and the pedestrian are at odds on a very busy road, this could lead to problems.”

(Picture – gov.uk)


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