RSTA reminds authorities and road operators to use grit dust on melting roads

The Road Surface Treatments Association (RSTA) is reminding members to advise their customers that using grit dust on the roads during high temperatures can help keep the road network from melting excessively. The dust, which can be applied through gritters, should be a 3mm down of granite or equivalent material and not salt as suggested […]

Queensferry Crossing now successfully protected from the wind

The Queensferry Crossing has remained open in high winds on more than 100 occasions when the Forth Road Bridge is likely to have closed to some or all traffic. The landmark was reached during storms in early February, which brought winds gusting up to 68mph to the Forth Bridges. The Queensferry Crossing is fitted with […]

Highways teams around the country ready for storms

Highways teams around the country are getting ready for the storms forecast over the next few days. The Met Office has issued yellow and amber weather warnings covering different parts of the county for high winds from Storm Dudley finishes, and yellow and amber weather warnings for potentially more severe winds from the early hours […]

Major government review says highways authorities have coped well with extreme weather events but sector must ‘co-design’ better ways to support communities

A major government review has found ‘clear evidence’ of authorities within the highways sectorthat have coped well under the intense and sustained pressures placed on them by a variety of extreme-weather hazards over recent years. But despite this, the sector must ‘co-design’ better ways to support communities over coming decades, according to one expert, who […]


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