Snow events can be mitigated more effectively with blended de-icer in pre-wet applications

The pre-wet approach during snow events could be significantly improved if a blended de-icer liquid is used instead of brine, according to one expert who has had years of experience in assessing different winter service treatments in the UK.

It has been proven that blended de-icers are much stronger than brine as part of  a pre-wet treatment. Using this combination as a 70/30 pre-wet application of salt, the Eco-Thaw Premium, for example, will immediately encapsulate the spread salt reducing losses from traffic. The blend is a strong active de-icer on its own and will create a surface treatment that will prevent snow bonding and will activate a thawing process as snow falls in combination with the salt.

Snow fell in several parts of the country over the weekend, with some roads coming to a halt causing several vehicles to be stuck.

“This Pre-wet blend will maintain a road surface condition leaving a wet surface during snowfall and melting falling snow on contact, as it performs at a much lower temperature,” said John Meethan of Brine Solutions.

“Normal treatment matrix should be maintained to ensure continued de-icing depending on snowfall quantities. But replacing the brine in the pre-wet spreader tanks with Eco-Thaw Premium you can achieve road surface condition improvements during snowfall to a point where ploughing may not be required,” he added.

This means that road operators that operate a pre-wet winter maintenance fleet could be using blended liquids as part of a sustainable and cost-effective treatment for snow this winter. This is without expensive modifications or additional equipment.

“As highway authorities continue to search for more sustainable treatments, why should winter be any different? Using Eco-Thaw Premium can result in salt savings over prolonged treatments, contributing towards a more sustainable approach to winter but still providing a product that is effective on the road surface,” said Mr Meehan.

“To gain the most from blended liquid applications they should be used as a pre-treatment prior and during snowfall, giving you optimum winter resilience on your network,” he added.


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