Scottish Government urged to halt LEZ introduction

There are calls for the Scottish Government to “pause and review” plans to introduce low emission zones in Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen, as official figures show air quality levels are within legal limits in all three cities. The Scottish Mail on Sunday quotes Scotland’s transport spokesman Graham Simpson as saying: “The Scottish Government’s own data […]

Glasgow’s Low Emission Zone now in force

Glasgow’s Low Emission Zone is now in force. The City Council says the scheme, which effectively excludes the most polluting vehicles from the city centre, “protects public health by tackling unacceptably high levels of harmful air pollution that have stubbornly persisted in areas of the zone”. All vehicles entering Glasgow’s LEZ now must meet the […]

LEZ vehicle checker and Blue Badge portal now live

“The Scottish Government has announced a new website where people can now enter their vehicle registration number to confirm if their vehicle will comply with new Low Emission Zone rules. In addition, Blue Badge holders who require exemptions can now register their details with the new LEZ exemption system so that the vehicle they are […]

Scottish LEZ projects “already cost £36m”

Preparation work for Low Emission Zones in four cities in Scotland has cost £36 million before any of them are up and running. The Scottish Daily Express reports the schemes being set up in Glasgow (pictured), Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee have run up costs for grants given to councils to help them run their schemes […]

ULEZ expansion “leads to rise in cloned plates”

It’s reported thousands of car owners are having their number plates cloned by criminals who’re seeking to avoid charges based on low emission and clean air zones. The Telegraph says there are 13,000 cases of cloning each year in England and Wales, up from 4,000 in 2018 and that motoring experts believe the vast expansion […]

Aimsun models effect of Low Emission Zones

The transport modelling firm Aimsun has issued a report assessing the environmental impacts of Low Emission Zones. Using its Aimsun Next software it looks at the changes in demand for roadspace inside and outside the zone, and the effect emissions. It also looks at the value of “buffer zones” around the edges of LEZs. Read […]

Glasgow taxi drivers given more time to prepare for LEZ

Taxi operators in Glasgow who do not have access to funded retrofit solutions to meet Low Emission Zone requirements will be given extra time to prepare. The City Council’s plan to grant a ‘time-limited exemption’ of one year to operators under these circumstances would see enforcement of the emission standards required by Glasgow’s LEZ deferred […]

Danish LEZ project delivers impressive results

Neology and Marston Holdings have announced the delivery of a major project in Denmark which they say have “significant environmental benefits.” The Danish Nationwide “Miljoezoner” scheme are a series of low emission zones to support the reduction of emissions in the most polluting areas of Denmark. The companies say that within the first seven months […]

BMW launches world-first eDrive zones in London and Birmingham

BMW has introduced a system to automatically switch hybrid cars to electric-only when they enter a defined low emission zone in a city. Initially covering the same geographic area as the TfL Congestion Charge/ULEZ zone and Birmingham’s planned Clean Air Zone, works by using geo-fencing via GPS within the vehicle’s navigation system. The service, which […]


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