ULEZ expansion “leads to rise in cloned plates”

It’s reported thousands of car owners are having their number plates cloned by criminals who’re seeking to avoid charges based on low emission and clean air zones.

The Telegraph says there are 13,000 cases of cloning each year in England and Wales, up from 4,000 in 2018 and that motoring experts believe the vast expansion in the use of road side cameras is largely to blame for the increase, with criminals who clone able to avoid thousands of pounds in fines and charges.

If a cloned plate is used, the legal owner has to prove they were not involved in an offence.

Simon Williams, spokesman for the RAC, told the Telegraph: “Number plate cloning is certainly on the increase and it is all related to ANPR and all the enforcement actions taking place.

“In some cities there are now congestion zones and in London there is the ULEZ which charges £12.50 a day for non compliant vehicles. The ULEZ zone is due to expand later this year and so there is an incentive for criminals to clone rather than pay.

“Cloning is the enemy of the modern motorist and unfortunately it is getting worse.”

(Picture – Yay Images)


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