Nick Reed wins research prize at Self-Driving Industry Awards

Leading UK expert on driverless vehicles, Prof Nick Reed has won the hashtag#Research category at the inaugural Self-Driving Industry Awards, organised by Cars Of The Future. This recognition of his Rees Jeffreys Road Fund-supported project through his company Reed Mobility, entitled “Self-Driving But Guided By People: How to make automated vehicles ethical”. The report highlights […]

The ethics of driverless vehicles discussed with Nick Reed on Highways Voices

“People did not want self driving vehicles to protect the occupants more than other road users,” Professor Nick Reed explains on this week’s Highways Voices podcast as he discusses how to program driverless cars ethically. “The participants in our survey and workshops are quite clear that other road users have not necessarily chosen to be exposed […]

Podcast delayed by production issues – will be published tomorrow

In a rare moment of technical difficultly, the Highways Voices podcast production has been delayed and this week’s edition will not be published on Wednesday morning. The programme, featuring driverless cars expert Nick Reed, will now be uploaded on Thursday. Don’t miss it, it’s a good one!

Driverless technology expert publishes key “ethical roads” report

A leading expert in driverless technology has published research into how the public feels driverless vehicles should be programmed to make the right ethical decisions while driving on our roads. You can listen to Nick Reed discuss this in an exclusive interview on the Highways Voices podcast this Wednesday, 12 July,. Professor Nick Reed’s study […]

Citizens help shape the future of self-driving vehicles

New research by leading CAV expert Professor Nick Reed is highlighting how challenging it will be to arrive at a consensus over self-driving vehicle operation. The automotive and technology industries have committed huge resources to the development of self-driving vehicles, but what do the public think about how they should operate on UK roads? Reed […]

Safety experts warn of the danger of upbeat music when driving

A group of researchers including road safety expert Nick Reed of Reed Mobility have discovered that fast-tempo music can make people worse drivers in urban areas. The study, undertaken at Brunel University, tested people’s driving styles in a simulator while playing them fast music, slow music and no music. People listening to fast tempo music […]

National Highways Chief Safety Adviser tells Highways Voices, Smart Motorways must deal with safety perception

Subscribe to Highways Voices free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts or Pocket Casts and never miss an episode! National Highways’ first Chief Safety Adviser has told the latest Highways Voices podcast that “things have to be addressed” when it comes to the perception of safety on smart motorways. As the Government announces a pausing of the rollout of any […]

National Highways appoints Chief Road Safety Adviser

National Highways has appointed Professor Nick Reed as Chief Road Safety Adviser. In this new role, Professor Reed will work with National Highways’ executive directors and board to help deliver the ambition to achieve zero harm on England’s motorways and major A-roads by 2040.  As well as providing independent advice, an important part of Professor […]

Driverless expert says vehicles must be designed with misuse in mind

One of the world’s leading experts in automated vehicles has told the latest Highways Voices podcast that developers must accept drivers may not use their vehicles correctly and put in the relevant safeguards to minimise risk. Listen here. Consultant Professor Nick Reed of Reed Mobility was referring to cases such as the driver who put […]


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