Driverless technology expert publishes key “ethical roads” report

A leading expert in driverless technology has published research into how the public feels driverless vehicles should be programmed to make the right ethical decisions while driving on our roads.

You can listen to Nick Reed discuss this in an exclusive interview on the Highways Voices podcast this Wednesday, 12 July,.

Professor Nick Reed’s study was funded by the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund and looks into how Autonomous Vehicles should be guided by overarching ethical goal functions. These create a framework, governed by regulators, to embody societal expectations of AV behaviour and should be determined by an inclusive, deliberative process with the communities in which AVs operate.

Reed Mobility worked with DG CIties, TRL, April 6 and Humanising Autonomy and looks at the implications for the development of self-driving vehicles and how this can deliver on William Rees Jeffreys’ vision for the future of roads.

You can download the link here.

(Picture – Nick Reed/RJRF)


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