National Highways seeks hydrogen supplier for Lower Thames Crossing project

National Highways has announced the procurement of a contract to supply low carbon hydrogen for the construction of the Lower Thames Crossing. In a procurement document, National Highways says the LTC is dedicated to achieving the lowest carbon solution to deliver the works and that the scope of this procurement requires supply of an estimated […]

LCRIG launches Innovation Procurement System

The Local Council Roads Innovation Group, LCRIG, has launched an Innovation Procurement System in partnership with Crown Commercial Service (CCS) with the aim of “increasing the pace of change and giving greater control to LCRIG members to adopt innovation at a lower cost”.  The LCRIG IPS is designed to remove the hurdles in accessing innovation […]

Poorly performing contractors to be banned from bidding for National Highways work

National Highways’s head of procurement is warning contractors it is “extremely likely” to stringently assess the performance of suppliers on its new £30 billion major framework. Malcolm Dare told the website Construction News that National Highways has already started excluding poorly performing contractors on its existing framework from bidding for some work. “In the last […]

Your guide to Crown Commercial Service procurement assistance and advice on this week’s Highways Voices

Subscribe to Highways Voices free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts or Pocket Casts and never miss an episode! “The Transport Technology and Associated Services Framework enables the public sector to procure transport technology, and products covering the suite of cameras, and lighting, parking systems, barriers and signs,” explains guest Randeep Singh of Crown Commercial Service on this week’s Highways […]

EIB publishes technical note on ITS procurement for urban mobility

The European Investment Bank has published a technical note surrounding procuring Intelligent Transport Systems for urban mobility. The paper focusses on some of the difficulties that may be encountered such as a lack of strategic context or interoperability, technical problems during implementation, poorly performing systems and limitations on the reuse of data. It says that, […]

LCRIG procurement webinar available on demand

The Local Council Roads Innovation Group’s webinar entitled ‘Delivering innovation through collaborative procurement’ is now available to watch on demand. First aired on 1 October, the webinar is hosted by LCRIG content director Alec Peachey and features a panel of experts and industry figures: Ian Large, Performance Manager at Blackpool Council; Martin Duffy, Chief Executive […]

LCRIG launches webinar series

The Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG) is to provide a series of webinars to knowledge share in the industry, starting with one concentrating on collaborative procurement. Working alongside the Transport Technology Forum and Crown Commercial Service the event on 1 October will concentrate on delivering innovation. Entitled ‘Delivering innovation through collaborative procurement’, the webinar […]


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