Your guide to Crown Commercial Service procurement assistance and advice on this week’s Highways Voices

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“The Transport Technology and Associated Services Framework enables the public sector to procure transport technology, and products covering the suite of cameras, and lighting, parking systems, barriers and signs,” explains guest Randeep Singh of Crown Commercial Service on this week’s Highways Voices podcast, “But you can also procure services to support some of the bigger government agenda, for example, in terms of professional services, and consultants and how you could potentially implement something like that.”

This podcast is a must-listen for local authorities wanting to make their procurement easier and cheaper, and also explains to suppliers how to best get value out of their interaction with CCS.  Plus, there’s advice on how to pay for services too, as Mr Singh explains, “Being sat in the Cabinet Office, we can we have the visibility of all the government grants or funds that are available.”

Today’s Highways Voices is the first with new partners ADEPT, the Transport Technology Forum, LCRIG and ITS (UK) who will not only provide guests and insights in the weeks and months to come, but also news for each podcast.  This week you can hear about LCRIG’s new webinar series bringing you practical steps to Net Zero and an update from the TTF about the 39 local authorities’ plans for spending the money they have received from the Traffic Signals Challenge funding initiative.  ITS (UK) remind members the range of benefits they get from membership of the different technology forums, while we hear about the ADEPT Live Labs solar roads installation in Central Bedfordshire.

On top of that, you’ll hear Adrian Tatum’s pick of the stories on the Highways News website, and who wins “Adrian’s Accolade” this week.


LCRIG short survey – details here.

ITS (UK) member blog post.

TTF Signals Challenge update.

ADEPT Live Labs Blog.

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