British people “don’t trust driverless cars to keep them safe”

A new survey suggests the majority of British drivers wouldn’t trust an autonomous vehicle to keep them safe. Research by insurance comparison site Go Compare found that 77% of motorists surveyed wouldn’t trust a self-driving car to keep themselves or their families safe on the road, while two-thirds said they don’t believe autonomous vehicles will […]

Majority in UK still uncomfortable about driverless vehicles

A study carried out as part of the country’s first multi-city autonomous vehicle says that 55% of respondents would not feel comfortable using a self-driving car if given the opportunity, The survey by DG Cities canvassed the opinions of 2,500 people and found 44% think they’ll be less safe than traditional vehicles, compared with 30% […]

Half of people think they’d drive better than an autonomous vehicle

A large number of British people have told pollsters they’re not looking to relinquish their driving duties any time soon. A survey for Volkswagen Financial Services has found that just under half of of those surveyed (46%) would prefer to drive themselves rather than rely on self-driving technology. VWFS says it commissioned the survey to […]

80% of people think they could react quicker than a driverless car

Another survey of British people’s attitudes to driverless cars suggest the CAV industry still has a long way to go to convince people they’re a good idea. The survey for Vanarama found 73% of respondents wouldn’t feel safe in a driverless vehicle, while only 13% would trust one to take their children to school unattended. […]

Three quarters of people “wouldn’t feel safe” in a driverless car

A survey of a thousand British motorists suggest that the vast majority still doubt the safety credentials of a driverless car. Vanarama asked a series of questions about the concept of autonomy and found that 73% said they wouldn’t feel safe and only 13% would trust a driverless car to take their children to school […]


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