80% of people think they could react quicker than a driverless car

Another survey of British people’s attitudes to driverless cars suggest the CAV industry still has a long way to go to convince people they’re a good idea.

The survey for Vanarama found 73% of respondents wouldn’t feel safe in a driverless vehicle, while only 13% would trust one to take their children to school unattended.

More than half say they wouldn’t trust a driverless vehicle at speeds while a third say they’d “never trust” one.

Of the thousand respondents, 80% said they thought they could spot a hazard better than a driverless car, and 90% felt the roads aren’t ready for the technology.

Vanarama says that, despite the world’s biggest car brands insisting that their driverless technology will improve road safety, not hinder it, its survey has revealed that there’s something about not being in charge of your own destiny that many motorists dislike. A common concern raised is that they simply don’t trust the technology within the car to do a better job than them at making decisions on the road or avoiding a collision should the situation arise.

“In order for driverless cars to be widely adopted in the UK and other nations once that they arrive in car showrooms, there needs to be trust in the technology that powers them,” the report says. “It will be an extremely strange sensation allowing the car to drive for you after driving yourself your entire life and to do this motorists must be certain of the car’s capabilities.”

(Picture – Yay Images)


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