Highways News column: Assets. United: A centralised approach for improved highways management

By Steve Harris, Solutions Manager, Brightly Software

Many of our customers in the UK – predominantly local councils – use Brightly’s Confirm software solution to manage their highways assets, including carriageways, footways, signs, traffic signals, streetlights – and many other things that both drivers and pedestrians see, and rely upon, when travelling.

A key challenge faced by all our customers, is managing deteriorating assets with limited resources. Road networks are ageing as quickly as budgets are shrinking, and meeting the expectations of road users is a growing challenge. A challenge made even harder by increasing expectation and requirement for councils to operate more sustainably, and work towards net zero targets.

By embarking on a digital transformation journey, local councils can address these challenges head-on and when this happens, the full potential of efficient asset management for safer roads and sustainable communities can be truly realised.

Confirmed benefits of centralised asset management

Our digital asset management tool, Confirm, is a user-friendly and robust system that supports smart management to facilitate local authorities’ service improvements. It centralises assets to simplify and streamline the processes involved with managing them.

The cutting-edge solution continually and intuitively scrutinises information that’s entered; handles complex analytics, and flags inefficiencies to avoid duplication of tasks or spending. It can also generate data and reports at the touch of a button, highlighting the presence of all assets in a given area, to enable works to be better planned and prioritised depending on the status of any given asset.

It also facilitates preventative maintenance, helping its users to operate more cost efficiently in the long run.

What is Assets. United.?

Assets. United. is a joined-up approach to asset management from Brightly, which gives its users a holistic and detailed view of all assets within their jurisdiction, irrespective of asset class, so they can make smarter decisions. In turn, these smart decisions have the potential to rapidly filter through every stakeholder, from the procurement team and senior managers within the council, to engineers on the ground, right through to drivers, cyclists and pedestrians trying to get around safely.

One system: All system users work from the same centralised data across every council department. This means: one point of data input, one system for the team to learn and one place to pull real-time information from. It is entirely scalable and can be fully tailored to individual users’ needs and operational requirements.

One supplier: Users have one contract in place and one team of specialists to call upon. Our team understands the intricacies of every asset class – how they impact one another and how they work together in harmony to bring cost and time efficiencies.

One cost: Users can forget multiple budget lines and complex costing models; with Brightly, they only have one to consider and manage. This makes it easier for administration and for costs to be apportioned across departments as needed.

Ultimately, Assets. United. delivers a detailed, real-time, understanding of how assets behave and how they affect each other. It unifies asset classes and by doing that, it uncovers synergies while putting the systems’ users in control of the actions they need to take.

Learn more about Assets. United from Brightly: www.brightlysoftware.com/assetsunited


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