The £2 fare cap has encouraged more people to travel by bus, according to Transport Focus survey

Over 70% of bus passengers have said they have already used the bus more often since the £2 bus fare cap has been introduced.

A Transport Focus survey of over 1,000 people also found that 53% of respondents are aware of the new fare, with a higher number (two-thirds) of regular bus users aware of it., while 32% said that they might use buses more but haven’t already.

Furthermore, the latest Bus User Survey report shows that 73% of bus passengers are satisfied with the value for money, the highest since the survey had first began in September 2021.

David Sidebottom, Director of Transport Focus, said: “Bus passengers tell us they want simpler, better value for money fares. Many are facing particular financial challenges at the moment. The £2 bus fare is a welcome step to help attract passengers back on-board and or encourage non-users to give bus a go. While it’s still early days, these results are encouraging. We will continue to talk to bus passengers and use our insight to help government and industry focus efforts on what matters most.”

Some passengers said that they are travelling more due to the £2 fare​:

“My usual return fare to the nearest town is £9.60, so to be able to do the same journey for £4 for a while is amazing. I have no car, so am reliant on buses, so this is a great incentive to have and will give me more mobility and options, whilst saving money also.”

Some people said that they might use buses more:

“It used to be extortionate to get from my house in the outer suburbs to the town centre and not value for money as it’s only a 15 minute ride, but now I feel it is fair.”

“I’m aware of my spending in the cost-of-living crisis, and capping the bus fare would make me less concerned about racking up larger bus fees.”

Some passengers said that it would make no difference to their use of buses​:

“From where I live, a £4 return journey is still more expensive than using a car park in town.”

“Buses aren’t reliable, so I go by car so I know I will get there on time.”


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