The future of intersection pedestrian safety tested for real at ITS World Congress

Visitors to the ITS World Congress in Los Angeles later this month will have the chance to try for themselves a revolutionary new Artificial Intelligence solution that warns people of traffic collisions before they happen.

South Korean company Nota AI has pioneered its Safe Crossing technology which uses CCTV images to detect the movement of vehicles in real time.  The AI solution works out when accidents could occur up to three seconds before they happen through the short-term trajectory prediction.  It then can warn people of hazardous situations using LED lights and speakers.

The solution will be demonstrated in real time on the company’s stand in the Los Angeles Conference Center.  “Visitors will not only see the solution, they can experience it in our booth,” explains Global Business Manager Haejin Lee.  “There will be an actual crosswalk in our booth with a monitor showing the actual video of the of the road and the intersections,  so they can pretend to be pedestrians and see how they will actually know when a collision is going to happen.”

The AI solution Nota has pioneered is not only used for real-time safety warnings but also provides data for road authorities to use to analyse crashes and near misses, which can help to design improvements to road layout and traffic management to make an intersection safer. The AI technology classifies vehicles into different types including both motorised and unmotorised vehicles with more than 95% accuracy in all weather conditions and times of day.  It is currently being deployed in the city of Daejeon in South Korea.

Nota AI’s Chief Executive Officer Myungsu Chae will be on Nota AI’s booth, 1031, at the ITS World Congress on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons in Los Angeles answering questions about the cutting edge safety technology.

Nota AI is sponsoring the Highways Voices podcasts from LA and you will hear more about the solution during that event.

(Picture – Nota AI)


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