The implications of the end of new smart motorways discussed on Highways Voices

Following Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s decision to halt the building of new smart motorways, this week’s Highways Voices discusses the implications.

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Highways News co-owners Paul Hutton and Adrian Tatum look into what went wrong with the concept, focussing on communication failures and the varied roll-out of technology.

They discuss statistics around the real safety situation on all-lane running and dynamic hard shoulder smart motorways compared to traditional highways, and discuss why this isn’t more widely known.

They also look into the public perception, and why when a smart motorway is flowing well because of the extra capacity, drivers do not notice.

Paul and Adrian also look at the implications for the industry, and what will happen to the money that was to come into the sector.

You’ll also hear the latest news from partners ADEPT, LCRIG, The Transport Technology Forum and ITS UK, and why PTV Group wins “Adrian’s Accolade” this week.


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