The latest thinking in traffic signals technology on this week’s Highways Voices

This week’s Highways Voices looks at the key way you can manage traffic in a town or a city – by discussing the latest in signals technology.

Presenter Paul Hutton is at the JCT Traffic Signals Symposium in Nottingham, as he talks to Mark Crabtree of TRL, who’s been in the industry for 47 years and has been coming to this event for 21 of them. He discusses what’s changed in that time, how some of the kit installed then is still in use today and why we shouldn’t necessarily get carried away about what changes might take place in the next ten years.

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We also hear from organiser John Nightingale about the key talking points in Nottingham this week and from six different exhibitors, AGD Systems, Clearview Intelligence, PTV Group, Messagemaker Displays, Smart Video and Sensing and SRL.

You’ll also hear some of the stories making the headlines on the Highways News website with co-owner Adrian Tatum and about next week’s Highways Voices specials from the ITS World Congress in Los Angeles, sponsored by GEWISWARCONota and Navtech Radar, all of whom you can meet in LA.


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