The Tortoise and the Hare with Traffic Group Signals on this week’s Highways Voices

On this week’s highways voices, a new way of managing temporary roadworks.

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Dr Darren Hudson of Traffic Group Signals is uor guest, where he talks about a concept he calls the tortoise and the Hare, which involves modelling road user micro journeys to determine accurate inter-green times.

Dr Hudson explains that traditional timings don’t take really into account the sort of geometry that vehicles have got to pass through, or their characteristics. “So what we’ve produced is something that is exactly how different vehicle types behave, and can then figure out exactly how long each type of vehicle takes to get through the precise geometry of that site,” he says.

He describes how bends in the road and gradients can have an effect, and that it can all be worked out virtually.

“Doing that on a sort of desktop exercise has got a lot of value, versusfiguring things out at the roadside,” he adds.

These findings were also demonstrated at the JCT Traffic Signals Symposium so take a look at the JCT YouTube channel on Friday when the video is published.

Please note, Paul, who produces the podcasts, is on holiday at the moment so this week does not include the normal features of news, partner news and Adrian’s Accolade. They’ll be back next week.


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