The UK’s key place in European ITS on this week’s Highways Voices

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“You will not find me in legacy industries where everything stays the same – otherwise, I would be boring,” explains the new CEO of ERTICO – ITS Europe on this week’s Highways Voices.

Joost Vantomme explains his passion for taking on the challenge of running the European ITS Association, taking over from Jacob Bangsgaard who’d run the organisation for five years.

Mr Vantomme explains his background, which seems perfect for running such an organisation, given he’s worked in telecoms, the postal/freight industry and most recently in European automotive.

“In the UK, we have quite a number of projects running,” he explains about the UK’s position in the sector. “Also Transport for London, there are some interesting projects. That’s why every time we have European project, we think about how to assemble a consortium where we have national interests.”

You’ll also hear the latest news and why JCB and Stoke on Trent City Council win this week’s “Adrian’s Accolade”.

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