Three police forces combine to combat road crime

Essex and Kent Police, along with teams from the Met, have come together to tackle cross-border road-related crime.

The Road Crime Team of Essex Police led teams from across the force, including Dog Unit, Roads Policing and Operational Support Group, to tackle road-related crime in the west of the county.

The three forces’ coordinated proactive patrols on Friday 8 March and focussed on the area where the Dartford Tunnel, M25 and A13 met, resulting in 13 arrests in Essex and Kent along with three stolen vehicles being recovered and 12 vehicles seized for no insurance.

Essex officers arrested seven people for a variety of offences, including burglary, dangerous driving and possession of drugs.

Kent Police officers added a further six arrests for offences including shoplifting, drug possession and drug driving. They also seized two vehicles for no insurance.

PC Paul Simmons, who organised the coordinated response, said:

“When it comes to crime, offenders do not respect or recognise borders. That’s why we worked with our neighbouring police forces to ensure that offenders were identified and stopped, irrespective of where they were coming from or where they were going to.

“Thirteen arrests in one night’s a great team effort which will benefit our communities and three stolen vehicles will be reunited with their rightful owners.”

A disqualified driver was stopped driving on false plates after they drove from Kent through the Dartford Tunnel and a drug driver was arrested after a man provided a positive roadside drug test, both on the Essex side.

Two high value cars were seized by Essex officers for not having insurance after they were stopped on the A13 after they turned off the M25, one driver was also a disqualified driver.

The Road Crime Team officer explained:

“When someone buys a car, the law is clear – they must have insurance to drive on our roads. If you don’t you can expect to have it seized. You will have to pay for the recovery of the vehicle, and you will need to prove it’s insured so you can claim it back.
“Insurance protects you as the owner and driver of the car and provides recourse for anyone involved in a collision with your vehicle.”

Throughout the day of patrols, the Essex and Kent force issued 14 traffic offence reports.

The driver of a flatbed lorry transporting two scramblers (pictured) was issued with a traffic offence report after officers stopped it for being insecure. It was resecured before being allowed on its way.

(Picture – Essex Police)


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