Time is running out for governments to invest in cleaner transport, says C40 group of mayors

Time is running out for government investment in cleaner transport around the world, according to the C40 group of city mayors, headed by London Mayor, Sadiq Khan.

A report by the group for COP206 said that 3000,000 jobs could be created if London’s public transport network was ‘greened’ to help reduce emissions in line with COP26 targets.

It called for a doubling in public transport use in cities in the world by 2030 to help keep temperature rises to 1.5C, reports the Evening Standard.

In London, measures such as electrifying the capital’s 9,000 vehicle bus fleet would mean 143,700 new jobs in the capital and a further 161,900 across the rest of the UK, largely as a result of stimulating the supply chain.

Across the 97 cities whose mayors are members of C40, up to 4.6m new jobs could be created, according to evidence from five key cities: London, Houston, Jakarta, Johannesburg and Milan.

Wednesday was transport day at COP26, with a focus on electric vehicles – prompting C40 to warn that public transport must not be forgotten.

Mark Watts, C40 executive director, said: “People need an alternative to the car if cities are to rapidly reduce pollution from travel. If national governments do not back mayors and invest to protect and expand public transport then they won’t be able to meet their own carbon targets.”

Mr Khan, who was today returning to Glasgow by train, said: “Mayors and city leaders need support. National governments must prioritise funding for urban public transport expansion and renewal before time runs out to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees and avert a climate catastrophe.”


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