Transport Committee to quiz industry experts on how data can innovate logistics and freight

The Transport Committee will explore technological innovations in the freight and logistics industries powered by more sophisticated use of data in a televised event tomorrow, Wednesday 13 March.

The cross-party Committee’s inquiry is looking at examples of data innovations, and how they came to fruition, to make policy recommendations to Government on how it can nurture an industry environment for improvements and greater efficiency in the future. 

Greater efficiency in the logistics sector can result in the UK having a more competitive import and export market which can lead to cheaper goods for consumers, as well as lower carbon emissions and safer operations. 

MPs will question industry bodies Logistics UK, Maritime UK and freight capacity traders RailX, and examine uses of data in road, rail and seaborne freight. 

There will be questions on the strength of the UK digital infrastructure and 5G networks which could enable fast processing and communication of data; where gaps exist in the data that firms need to drive improvements; how logistics companies can be aided to make costly investments in technology; and possible legislative changes that would support the sector. 

The inquiry takes place tomorrow, March 13, at 09.30, Committee Room 16, Palace of Westminster.

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