TTF and AESIN agree connected vehicle cooperation

The Transport Technology Forum (TTF) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Automotive Electronic Systems Innovation Network (AESIN) to share knowledge about Connected and Highly Automated Vehicles technology.

The MoU establishes a bilateral relationship between the two organisations in important matters to do with advancements and innovations in the technology, with particular attention being given to improving information sharing and joint approaches to development and implementation of new solutions.

The MoU is designed to allow transport technology and automotive professionals and industries working with the TTF and AESIN to better understand the potential for connectivity and thus be able to optimise the development and deployment of connected and highly automated vehicles.  This involves exchanging technological information and knowledge, facilitating cooperation between professionals and organisations from both private and public sectors, interfacing on policy issues and taking part in each other’s principal events.

“Historically, those involved in developing better highways, and those designing the vehicles to travel on them have tended to work in their own silos,” commented TTF Chair Steve Gooding. “Increasing levels of communication connectivity between vehicle and infrastructure systems mean we need to break those silos down if we’re to secure the benefits for our shared end-customers – the travelling public – and that’s what this TTF agreement with AESIN is all about.”

“The transport technology industry has done significant work in making traffic management efficient, greener and safer over the years, and we are excited to share technological knowledge,” added AESIN Chairman Stephen Lambert.  “I look forward to sharing the TTF’s knowledge with our members, and likewise sharing our members’ expertise with the transport technology community.”

AESIN has invited the TTF to be a permanent member of the AESIN Executive Steering Board, while the TTF has invited AESIN to be a permanent member of the TTF Board.

(Picture: L – Stephen Lambert, R – Steve Gooding, courtesy TTF/AESIN)


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