TTF and TOPAS working together Road Infrastructure Equipment procurement standards

The Transport Technology Forum (TTF) and Traffic Open Products And Specifications group (TOPAS) have committed to work together to develop and implement of new traffic signals standards and guidance.

One of the key roles of TOPAS is to bridge current and future technologies, being tasked with developing maintaining and specifications for traffic control equipment.  This helps ensure new technologies and uses are developed in such a way that they can build on existing technology and implementation.  Meanwhile, the TTF sets out the future aims and goals of Government and provides scope for development of traffic technology to implement these aims, providing assistance to local authorities and others for successful transition to the future.

The two bodies say that, by working together, they can help technology professionals, suppliers and the user community better understand the potential for technology to deliver enhanced road transport services and thus be able to optimise the development and deployment of new data and connected traffic control services.

TTF and TOPAS have therefore agreed to exchange technological information and knowledge, including technical publications, for their respective use and to share it with members, the wider transport technology community and the public at large when appropriate.  They will also share details of each other’s industry events.

“We’re committed to assisting TTF in the development of appropriate and relevant specifications for traffic control products which meet the UK policy requirements,” explained TOPAS Director Mark Pleydell (pictured, left).  “We also look forward to being a member of the TTF Liaison Board to assist in providing strategic guidance, input and challenge.”

“Traffic signals are vital to the efficient management of our roads, and the TTF is committed to providing project support, through funding and promotion, to TOPAS’s specification creation,” explained TTF Manager Darren Capes from the Department for Transport (pictured, right), who signed the MoU for the TTF.  ”TTF is a member of the TOPAS Board, representing the DfT alongside the devolved governments, where they work together with the user community and industry.”

For more information about TOPAS please follow this link:

(Picture courtesy of TTF and TOPAS)


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