TTF highlights benefits of Manual for Smart Streets

Darren Capes, Manager of the Transport Technology Forum (TTF) and ITS Policy Lead at the Department for Transport (DfT) has highlighted the ”need to produce guidance to ensure local authorities do the right thing” during a presentation where he introduced the Manual for Smart Streets.

He said the DfT had recently produced guidance on the procurement and use of technology by road authorities. Working with the Connected Places Catapult, it has released the first issue of the Manual for Smart Streets (MfSS), an interactive web resource hosted by the Transport Technology Forum.

During his presentation in the Traffex Local Roads Theatre, Darren outlined the aims of the project and the ways in which MfSS and the wider support from TTF can assist in the use of new and emerging technologies to meet the operational and policy challenges the sector faces.

He said: ”We’re using the voice of the TTF to speak to local authorities about transport technology issues. The guidance gives people support to see what new technologies and services work.”

The Manual for Smart Streets includes use cases on how traffic signals will develop to connect to vehicles into the future and how new sources of data can link into implementing other services in a local authority. It also provides recommendations around cyber security.

The Manual for Smart Streets is based on the success of the Manual for Streets which, in the 15 years since its publication, has become an essential document for anyone delivering a local road network.

Mr Capes told the audience that the Manual for Smart Streets contains a series of use cases and resources addressing specific functional areas.

He said: ”It links you to use cases and shows authorities how to do things in a common way. As we see new needs cases we will update the website. It will improve by being a living document.”

Areas covered in the Manual include:

• Asset management
• EV charging information
• Parking management
• Public transport
• Traffic management
• Road user information
• Transport data management
• Signal control
• Vulnerable road users’ safety
• Cyber security

The Manual for Smart Streets can be viewed on the Transport Technology Forum website here.

(Picture – TTF)


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