TTF oversees industry collaboration on in-vehicle signage

The Transport Technology Forum’s Connected Vehicle Working Group is taking on a new role leading knowledge-sharing among a range of different projects delivering the latest in in-vehicle signage.

The Working Group’s new sub-group, led by connected vehicle expert Andy Graham of White Willow Consulting, is designed to ensure that those working on new solutions are aware of what else is being developed, reducing the risk of duplication, improving interoperability and delivering collaboration.

In-vehicle signage is technology which displays real-time information into vehicles delivering information, safety solutions, real-time traffic news and Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory for signal timing to vehicle head units or through apps. All the solutions utilise mobile phone technologies, therefore do not require roadside beacons to work.  This means much more information can be shared with motorists, eventually removing the need for expensive, environmentally-unfriendly roadside units.

In an initial meeting, current in-vehicle signage projects on the M6 Toll, in Portsmouth, Derbyshire and Simplifai Systems’ solutions in Huddersfield were highlighted, along with National Highways GLOSA projects, event traffic management technology through Eloy, as well as various solutions embedded into satnavs developed by KL Systems and Crystal Technology.

“We got together a group of the leading experts in the sector, and we all realised we did not know everything that is going on, learning about new projects and ideas,” commented group chair Andy Graham.  “After we’d shared the project overviews, we really started coming up with ideas on how to share solutions and what challenges we’re facing that the TTF can help with, so even in our first meeting we created real value which is, of course, what the TTF is all about.”

The Group will provide a forum of those implementing connected vehicle services and catalogue activities currently underway. It will act as a central point for those involved in connected vehicle projects, both from public and private sectors and consider ways to ensure the successful adoption of these services.

“IVS has so many solutions, from warning of accident blackspots and stopped vehicles to improving an electric vehicle’s range using GLOSA to reduce stopping and starting,” Mr Graham continued.  “We now welcome other innovators using IVS to join the sub-group to ensure as many solutions as possible are known about and we can quicken the pace of adoption.”

(Picture – TTF)


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